Governors at Twineham CofE Primary School

Governors' Statement on Complaints Procedure
We hope that parents who do have concerns could have them addressed informally and do not, therefore, have cause to make a complaint to the school. In the event that they feel it is necessary to do so, the School and Governors have adopted the following complaints procedure. This procedure is based upon the “Guidance Notes and model procedure” produced by West Sussex County Council’s Governor Services.

The Complaints Policy does not cover complaints relating to the curriculum, provision for pupils with special needs, admissions or exclusions. Statutory procedures are in place for those complaints and further assistance is available on request from the school. The policy is designed to resolve disagreements as quickly and efficiently as possible. Each stage should be exhausted before the complaint is taken to the next level.

The safeguarding of children is paramount at Twineham. Specific policies relating to this area are kept in a file in the School Office as well as in the general policies files. All staff are required to read these policies and commit to the high regard safeguarding has at the school and fulfil all safeguarding duties. To this end all visitors supporting the school curriculum will be DBS checked or never left alone with the children and will be supervised by a member of staff (who will be DBS checked as a matter of course). Children are to be reminded about safety and keeping themselves safe and opportunities provided in the curriculum to reinforce this will be taken.

Twineham is committed to providing equality of opportunity and there is a separate Equalities Policy which should read alongside the Complaints Policy. Reasonable adjustments to the curriculum will be made to maximise opportunities for all children to access learning and the curriculum. In school every opportunity will be taken to explore equality and the impact of discrimination.