Twineham Sports Experience Day

24th June 2016
Twineham Takes Kids Off Timetable For The Day
Each year we try and organise something exiting for the children that is just for fun. Last year we had the whole school trip to Groombridge Place and this year we have been working hard to organise a Sports Experience Day.
On Friday 24th June we are taking all children off timetable to enjoy a day of sport. The event will run at the school and we have arranged for specialist people to come in and provide sessions for each and every child. The aim of the day is to give each child the chance to try something new that maybe they have never or would never get the opportunity to do. The children will be separated into their individual year groups and then each group will follow a timetable throughout the day until they have been to all 7 stations (45 min per session)
Each station will be a different sports experience. Throughout the day the children will be able to enjoy the following:
Tri Golf – Burgess Hill Golf Club
Cricket – County Cricket Ground, Hove
Tennis - The Weald Tennis and Squash Club and club provider at Twineham
Rebounding – Debbie Balls, Rebounding Coach and club provider at Twineham
Fun and Games – Julie Rowe - Personal Trainer and Club provider at Twineham
Children will get one session of rest and they will also get chance to visit the Fruit tent where they will be able to create their own fruit salad. We will be giving the children a selection of fruit to use; Apples, Oranges, Grapes, Strawberries and Bananas.
We are all set for a really fun day; a lot of planning has gone into making this a special day for your child so we hope they enjoy! We will upload photos to the website as soon after the event as possible. 
Sports Experience Day

"I was so happy and excited I didn’t know I loved sport; I thought I wasn’t good at it but today changed that." Rayea


What a fantastic day we had trying out lots of different sports that some children may never have tried before. We are hoping that this may encourage them to take up this sport, if not now maybe in the future. A huge thank you to Mrs Killick and Mrs Stafford who organised such a fun day and to FOTS who put up the gazebo’s. We were even lucky with the weather.


Here are some quotes from the children.


Buttercups Class

"I liked going on the trampoline as we did rolling arms and punching the air!" Beatrice

"I loved fun and games because we played ‘toilet it’. It was fun and fast!" Dominic

"I liked doing the fruit salad because I liked all the fruit and I’d like to make it into a cake!" Milo

"Bouncing on the trampoline was fun because we were doing dances" - Savannah

"The trampoline was fun; we did dancing with the music" Kitty

"The trampoline was fun because we did cool stuff like star jumps" Larna

"I liked doing the tennis that we got to roll it because getting it in the air was really hard for me but I could roll the tennis ball" Ethan G.

"I liked the tennis because I liked hitting the ball really gently" William

"Tennis was good when I had a racquet and William had a racquet and we hit the ball to each other" Charlie


Daisy Class

"I liked everything especially cricket. I want to do some more. Thank you" Marley

"I enjoyed the trampoline; we got to dance with music" Esme

"I have had a really good time; my favourite sport was fun and games" Anabelle


Holly Class

"It was the best sports day ever!" Amelia

"I loved it we played cricket because I got a bag of interesting things" Lucus

"I liked tennis the best because they taught us to bounce the ball over the net and to try to balance the ball on the cone" Jacob

"I liked it because it keeps us fit and it was very well organised" Amelie

"I really liked all of the activities; they were brilliant it was the best day EVER!" Ralf

"It was so fun because we were doing PE all day! I wish I could do it again" Leah

"Best PE day ever!" Edward

"I loved the tennis, it was so fun. I liked catching the ball in the cone" Rose

"I felt really happy when I did Fun and Games" Herbie

"It was very fun and I really liked the rebounding" Bruno

"I loved it because we played lots of games I had never played before. I would like to say thanks to Mrs Killick and Mrs Stafford for their great work" Finty

I thought today was amazing. Thank you to Mrs Stafford and Mrs Killick for organising it. My favourite was the rebounding" Mlli T