Ukulele Lessons

Mr Reece teaches ukulele at Twineham - we have 22 pupils learning this fantastic instrument, learning together in small groups. 
We are learning some lovely songs for a summer concert this term. Remember to practise between your lessons! The links below contain the tablature for our concert songs...
We use standard tuning gCEA. Note that the bottom string is a higher pitch than the middle two strings - this makes the ukulele very different from guitar and helps create that lovely uke sound!
Try to practise for 10 minutes every day and you can make amazing progress. I have made backing tracks to help you. 
Click below for Exercises 1 and 2 plus A Nice Little Ditty. These are great drills for developing your picking skills and they provide a nice warm-up. Remember the bottom line of the tablature is the bottom string of the ukulele - this is 'g' - and it's the closest string to you as you look down at your uke! 'Happy Birthday' is always fun to play - try playing slowly at first if you find it tricky. 
When you have practised these, try 'Oh When The Saints' and 'Humpty Dumpty' - use the audio files below. You can also practise jamming by playing the C chord over the rock'n' roll guitar track. Experiment with different ways of strumming and picking. You can also try other notes - this is 'improvisation'!
(Ukulele music - remember: '3' on the bottom line means 3rd fret on the bottom string)
Audio Files (click these and they will open separately)