What's happening at Twineham?

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Monday 20th April
Welcome back! We hope you are all getting on well with SeeSaw - we look forward to seeing all of your fantastic work. We will share learning through SeeSaw each week. Please email your teachers with any questions. 
Tuesday 21st April 
Well done to Jamie, Rhys, Ludo and Mimi for their amazing Easter Chick art creations from everyday materials!
Friday 3rd April
Well done to Eli, Marni, Hattie and Heidi for solving this week's riddle! 
What has many keys but can’t open a single lock? A piano! 
Our dream team also suggested keyboard and computer, which are also great answers!
Later today we will send out our suggested Easter Holiday activities to try at home. Stay safe!
Tuesday 31st March
Thank you to Jamie and Rhys for sharing their fantastic rugby training videos - follow the link here  and try to brush up your skills with these awesome activities! Well done, boys!
Jamie and Rhys also recommend the activity hub at The Week Junior - a site we also think is brilliant; we subscribe to this superb children's newspaper and receive copies every week at school.
Monday 30th March
Welcome to a new week, the sun is still shining and we hope you are all keeping safe and well. Thank you for all of your messages, we really like hearing from you and seeing all of your fantastic work. Please check out our 1st story assembly here - a re-telling of Edwardo: The Horriblest Boy in the Whole Wide World by John Burningham.
Thank you for the brilliant pictures for our Reading Photograph Challenge - the winners are Marni, Ludo, Mimi, Sophia, Jamie and Rhys! You all win a book - I have sent messages home to explain how to choose your prizes.
Riddle Number Two:
What has many keys but can’t open a single lock?
The answer will be revealed on Friday!
Well done to Hattie and Heidi who have already solved this one! :-)

Friday 27th March 2020
Well done to Eli and Marni for solving our 1st riddle! They correctly discovered that the answer is.. the letter 'M'! 
What happens once in a lifetime, twice in a moment, but never in one hundred years?
Thursday 26th March 2020
Thank you for all of your fantastic photographs, emails and updates about how you're getting on at home. Keep up the awesome work! We are working on our online learning environment to build stronger interaction between home and school to keep us all really well-connected... more details soon!
Stay safe, stay home, stay happy and we are here for you, please email any questions, worries or just things you would like to share.
Monday 23rd March 2020
Our first day of closure and we miss you already. We have a small team here supervising key pupils today and we have enjoyed the sunshine to keep them well looked after and entertained.
We hope the home learning is working well for you. We understand that everyone has different capacity to help and educate at home. Our main wish is that you stay healthy, safe and happy - well-being is everything. Some of the online services such as MyMaths are experiencing a lot more traffic than usual; it's worth leaving those sites and trying again a little later if needed.
We are developing more online and distance learning opportunities. We will also put up some challenges on this blog as we would love to hear from you. 
Who can take the most entertaining photograph of children reading? Please email your amusing pictures to head@twineham.w-sussex.sch.uk and we will publish them all here! The child with the most amusing picture will win a book from Usborne! This challenge closes on Friday 27th March.
What happens once in a lifetime, twice in a moment, but never in one hundred years?
We will reveal the answer on Friday!