Equality Objectives

At Twineham Church of England School, we believe that everyone is a gift and everyone is gifted. We are committed to promoting equality and diversity in all of our work.
We review our Equality Objectives every year. These priority areas support our aim to be pro-active in challenging discrimination and promoting the celebration of differences.

Equality Objectives 2022-23: 

  • To explore, understand and celebrate diversity through our curriculum and collective worship.
  • To maintain our positive school environment to be accessible, welcoming and inclusive for all.
  • To challenge disrespect or bullying regarding the protected characteristics of age, gender reassignment, marriage, pregnancy, disability, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation
  • To develop understanding of equality and equity through Relationships and Health Education.
  • To close gaps in achievement between all groups of pupils, especially children eligible for free-school meals, pupils with special educational needs and disabilities and looked after children. 
Last updated: Autumn 22