Starting School

Starting School FAQs...

Is Twineham my local school?

It is if you live in Twineham, part of Wineham, Hickstead, Goddards Green and the edge of Sayers Common.

Do you take children from outside your area?

Yes, if space is available after giving places to children who live in the area, and to those who have a brother or sister at the school. As our catchment area is so small we usually take a large percentage from outside the area. Those who live nearest to the school have highest priority

Can I come and look around the school?

With pleasure: please e-mail us or ring the school to make an appointment.

When can my child start school?

At the beginning of the school year in which s/he is five.

My child has been offered a place but will be only just 4 in September: can s/he start in the spring or summer instead?

Yes, provided that you write to the school stating that you accept the place and would prefer your child to start at the beginning of the spring or summer term.

Admissions Guidance

My child isn’t due to start school for a few years: can I put his/her name on the waiting list?

We don’t have a formal waiting list because admissions are co-ordinated by the WSCC admissions team, but we are happy to take details for our records so that we have an idea of how many children might be applying. In the September before your child is due to start you will be sent a form asking which school you prefer.

Can my child come and look around the school before s/he starts?

We invite all Reception children to join their new class as part of transition arrangements in the summer term before they are due to start school. This gives them the chance to meet their teacher and other children in the class, to get used to the classroom and playground and feel that they belong to Twineham.

We’ve recently moved into the district and have a school age child: is there space at your school?

Please contact us and we will be able to tell you whether there is a space in your child’s year group.