Nears Cross Country Winners

9th November 2015


Cross Country Report

This year at cross country we have been magnificent. Five girls and five boys had been selected to represent the school. Everybody did exceptionally well. All of our team finished the course sounding like they could go round again considering there was approximately a 500m hill to run down and back up when even more tired. Girls were set off first and finished with Evie Tighe winning and Bella Downs coming second. However, Ella Holt, Olivia Kolter and Ava Heydon-Corrie finished with a fabulous round and they all did an outstanding sprint towards the end to beat the other competitors. Dominic Platt, Ethan Amaya, Jake Sandwich, Archie Rowe and Jack Kolter did just as well finishing in the top 30 out of around 60-70 other children. We are all very proud of ourselves; overall our team come 4th. We were very supportive of each other and every one of us achieved our target.

By Evie Tighe and Bella Downs