Road to Eastbourne Tennis Tournament

13th May 2015
On Wednesday afternoon, we took part in ‘The road to Eastbourne’ tennis tournament.
Charlie, Jack, Milli and Bella played tennis related activities. The activities they played were: bouncing, throwing, rallying and hitting with racquets.
Harriet, Ava, Ethan H and Ethan A, were playing mini matches and nearly won them all, they won 4 of 8 matches!
Ethan H was amazing doing some great serves. Ethan A was great at getting points! Harriet and Ava won so many matches and did some awesome team work! Amazing wins in all the games by Charlie and Jack! Milli and Bella were fantastic at collecting points in their activities!
We played at Warden park. We came 4th out of 5. Harland won. We had 379 points and Harlands, who won, had 419. We competed against Harlands, Warninglid, Bolnore Village and Northlands Wood.
We are all very proud of ourselves, and we really enjoyed the day. Everyone cheered each other on and were really supportive of each other.
By Ethan A, Ethan H and Milli.