Themed Weed - Hinduism

19th October 2015

Hinduism week

Just before half term we spent a fantastic week looking at many different aspects of Hinduism. The children in KS2 visited a temple in Crawley where they took part in a prayer session and were allowed to ring the bell. They showed a lot of respect and reverence whilst they were there and were congratulated on their knowledge about Hinduism and their respectful behaviour. All of the school took part in a Hinduism workshop where they learnt about the story of Rama and Sita and other Hindu gods and were immersed in the life of a Hindu. Many thanks for FOTS for paying for this. We also all learnt to do some Bollywood dancing- I hope you enjoyed the show, and they all had the opportunity to taste some vegetable curry, thank you to Charlotte Burnett for making this, it was delicious. The children all seemed to enjoy the week; it was lovely to see them show off their dance moves and to enthusiastically share what they had learnt. Do come and look at our colourful Hinduism display in school which showcases the work the children did during the week.