Admissions and Education Authority Contacts

Twineham Church of England Primary School is maintained by West Sussex County Council. We are obliged to follow the County's Admissions Policy. The admissions authority is West Sussex County Council, not the school.

In accordance with West Sussex County Council's admissions policy, all children are permitted to start school full time in the September following their 4th birthday (i.e. at the start of the autumn term). However, some children may not be socially, emotionally or physically ready to start school in September and, therefore, parents/carers may request to delay their child's admission to school until the following January (start of Spring term) or April (start of Summer term). They may also request that their child starts on a part-time basis. Staff at Twineham are happy to consult with parents/carers over the most appropriate starting arrangements for their child. By law, all children must be in full-time education in the term following their 5th birthday.

The school provides an introduction programme for children first starting school. The children are invited to come into school for 3 afternoon familiarisation sessions prior to joining the school officially. A meeting for parents/carers is held in the June/July preceding their child joining us. Parents/carers are given general information about the school and what they and their children can expect when they attend here. We follow this up with a 6 weeks in meeting to provide parents with the opportunity to ask more questions now that their children have actually started school.

Admission arrangements for children with disabilities

The same admission arrangements apply for children with any type of disability. All children are treated as individuals and it is our school ethos to treat such individuals equally and fairly. We have an accessibility plan and regularly review our policies and practices to ensure that they do not lead to less favourable treatment or substantial disadvantage to disabled pupils, current and prospective. It is our intention to promote equality of opportunity between disabled and non-disabled pupils, parents and staff.

Transition to and from Twineham

Good, positive liaison exists between our school and our local Pre Schools from which most of our pupils transfer. Before starting school, children have the opportunity to make regular visits here. The Reception Class teacher visits the Pre Schools to spend time getting to know the children and parents are invited to attend a welcome meeting. We find our induction procedure to be a very positive way of introducing young children to the school environment.

We also have good links with our local secondary schools. Children attend a range of local schools and again, the children make visits to their new school and secondary school staff visit Twineham. Records of achievement are passed from one school to another.

Local Authority Contact Details


Horsham (North) Pupil Admissions Office:


Worthing (South) Pupil Admissions Office:

Centenary House                                                                                                                                  Durrington Lane                                                                                                                                    Worthing                                                                                                                                               BN13 2QB                            
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