School and Class Organisation

Class organisation

Children at Twineham School are grouped co-educationally according to age on a mixed ability basis. in many small schools, our classes are sometimes a mixture of year groups. Currently YR and Y1 are taught together Y2 as a single small year group class, Y3 and Y4 together and lastly Y5 and Y6. Teachers use a variety of teaching strategies and techniques including whole class, group or individual teaching as and when appropriate. We are fortunate that our class sizes are usually small.

School Council

The school has established a democratically elected School Council. This encourages pupils to become partners in their own education and helps them to make a positive contribution to the school community and ethos. It is part of our drive to be a listening school and to promote learning skills for life. The School Council is involved in making decisions on the school environment, anti-bullying strategies, playground rules and fund raising for charities as well as being a voice for the pupils in school.

The school is rightly proud of their Eco garden development. The children raised the money for this themselves. There are fruit trees, a story telling area, raised beds where we grow vegetables and flowers and a pond.

Network of Eastern Area Rural Schools (Nears)

Twineham is an active member of the Network of Eastern Area Rural Schools (NEARS). This is a lively and successful group of co-operating rural schools based in this area of Sussex who share similar educational aims and philosophy. Throughout the year, the group organises a variety of academic, musical and sporting activities, which give children opportunities to enhance their learning and to work with larger groups of children of the same age. Through NEARS competitions, most of our Key Stage 2 pupils are able to represent the school in Sports Tournaments if they wish to. Professional development for staff is organised as well as governor training.

Central Mid Sussex Community Interest Company

Twineham is part of the Central Mid Sussex Community Interest Company . There are about 20 schools who work together for local children.

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