Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)




We aim to deliver a high-quality French education with carefully chosen content and breadth to ensure pupils acquire a substantial foundation in both the language and the culture of France.  It is our aim that children (from year 3 onwards) will gain a thorough knowledge of the basic grammar and essential vocabulary that will stand them in good stead as they move to study languages in more depth at secondary school.   As with all subjects, each unit of study will have specific ‘sticky knowledge’ (the things we want the children to know or skills to be able to apply long term). These are guided by ‘Golden Threads’ that weave throughout all French learning and they are:  vocabulary and grammar development, cultural awareness and understanding of the world, and speaking and listening with accuracy and understanding.



The French curriculum begins in year 3/4 and each class receives an hour of French every week. 

The current teacher is a French speaker and is able to convey to the children an understanding of French culture and language that might prove more difficult for a non subject- specialist.  She is also able to demonstrate the correct pronunciation of the vocabulary which benefits both their speaking and listening skills.



Assessment is carried out by the French teacher and passed on to the class teachers.