Curriculum Overviews

Last updated: September 2022
Inspired by 'A Curriculum of Hope' by Debra Kidd, we plan each term's learning with a deeper focus. The overviews are not merely a breakdown of tasks we plan to share, but insights into the thinking behind our learning journeys.
Each class overview includes key outcomes, texts and vocabulary for the main learning in each class. 'Curriculum intent' shares why we are learning what we are learning. 'Narrative hooks' are challenges and problems which we hope children will find engaging to explore. Our school values are embedded through the curriculum to keep our learning values-led.
Each class will focus on core concepts and inquiry questions to help us explore our understanding at a deeper level.
The five core elements of learning are then broken down to explore how this works with our children:
Credibility - what will we learn?
Creativity - how will we show our understanding in multiple ways?
Coherence - how does this connect to our past and future learning?
Compassion - embedding empathy and understanding into our learning
Community - what links can we make across our school, village, local area, the UK, Europe and the world?
All of the learning is based on the National Curriculum but we are evolving our curriculum to excite and interest pupils by bringing more meaning and value. 
We are currently working on skills progression across our foundation subjects. This helps us to ensure that children experience learning that builds on previous knowledge to reach key milestones by the end of each year, across all subject areas.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments and we look forward to sharing this exciting new chapter of our curriculum.