Health and first aid

Please keep us informed of any health problems which affect your child. Everyday bumps and grazes will be treated in school, but we would contact you immediately in case of anything more serious, or if your child feels unwell.

At home

Please contact the school office during the morning if your child is ill and will not be at school.

At school

If your child is feeling ill at school we will try to contact you using whatever phone numbers we have been given (home, work, mobile). If we can’t reach you we will try the other emergency contacts which you have given us: obviously this means that we depend on you to let us know if your contacts change.

First aid

School staff have had basic training in first aid and resuscitation.

If your child has any major health problems, such as epilepsy or diabetes, please give us as much information as you can to help us look after him/her correctly. Please also let us know of any allergies or if s/he suffers from asthma. (We have been advised that asthmatic children should keep their inhalers with them rather than in the office.) We keep an up-to-date check list near the first aid kit for easy reference.

Bumps, grazes and stings are a normal part of life in a primary school: often we will just treat them with clean water and lots of sympathy! Naturally we would contact you immediately in case of any more serious accidents.


Please do not send medicines into school except in exceptional circumstances. (Doctors are often willing to prescribe medication to be taken 3 times daily - before school, after school and at bedtime - rather than a similar version which needs an extra dose at lunchtime.) If it is unavoidable, please ensure that any medication is brought to the office, with clear instructions for its use.